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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Toxic Theology - the problem of evil solved!

Wherein I solve more mysteries of the divine.

Theodicy (thoughts about how can god be good and yet allow evil) have been all wrong. This is a clear case of where we need to use the 5th grader's writing technique of getting out of an impossible situation by claiming it was "all a dream". But in this case it's true.

- Given: god is infinitely good
- Given: god knows everything for all time

The conclusion is clear then.... we are all living in one timeline of a simulation running out ALL timelines of all possible universes. OK, maybe that's not clear, so let me spell it out.

Before god created the best possible universe he had to know which one that was. For god to know everything he needs to have examined every possible pathway thru space time of every possible universe from every possible starting configuration. Now since he is infinitely powerful and knowing, this simulation occurred instantaneously. Unfortunately for me, as an actor in the simulation playing a finite being I have to experience the entire time line in real time.

Since we are in a universe that has the problem of evil, god will "prune" us out as a possibility for when he does actually create the universe. So good news for the eventually created universe. So god doesn't owe us an apology for making us in a messed up universe since he hasn't in fact created the universe. He just has an *incredibly* vivid imagination.

So there you go another mystery solved. I can't believe people pay to learn about theology, it's so easy.



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