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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Godless Code 0.1

The godless code allows for the compact and precise representation of your disbelief attributes and history. This can be used as an email signature, a blog profile feature or as your tattoo in the non-believer camps when we are rounded up.

As an example, my code:

P++->(18)A++->A->A+ : TR(B,T,FSM) : r(B%33) : RI(p5,u4) : ex(Fam(.5),Wk(.5),Fr(1.0)) : SO(A) : FB(RD,SH,DD+,BF,SB,RC,JS) : M(blg) : GCD+ : [gc-0.1]

decodes to:

P++->(18)A++->A->A+ : path to disbelief:

I was raised a hardcore protestant. At age 18 I become a hardcore angry atheist. Then I was just a mellow atheist. Now I'm an atheist who is active but not necessarily consumed.

TR(B,T,FSM) : religions I find tolerable

Buddhism, Taoism, and Pastafarianism.

r(B%30) : how much of the Bible (or Koran, etc) have you read?

I've read 30% of the bible (this feels low, since I've read more than most but there is a lot I've gotten only second hand.

RI(p5,u4) : religious instruction

p5 : 5 years of primary school
u4 : 4 years of religious based university (Jesuit).

ex(Fam(.5),Wk(.5),Fr(1.0)) : "exposure" - how many know your non-believer status?

50% of my family
50% of my co-workers
100% of my friends

SO(A) : religious affiliation of significant other

wife is an atheist

FB(RD,SH,DD+,BF,SB,RC,JS) : fanboy (which celeb. atheists inspire me)

I'm a fanboy for Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett (extra for him), Brian Flemming, Susan Blackmore, Richard Carrier, Julia Sweeney

M(Blg) : how do you get the message out

I blog

GCD+ : created (or added to) the godless code

Just me for now :)

[gc-0.1] : what version of the godless code to use for decoding

Use version 0.1 for decoding this

REFERENCE: (godless code 0.1)

The first entry of the godless code is always your disbelief path, the rest of the items are optional and may appear in any order. ":" is used as a delimiter between terms.

Belief path: each step of your disbelief journey, separated by "->". You may prefix a node with a number in parentheses to indicate at which age a transition occurred.

P++ : The bible is 100% true and I spend much of my life studying/evangelizing
P+ : I really believe, but I could be more involved
P : I call myself a Christian but I'm not on fire for it.
P- : I attend church but some of the ideas don't really hang together

[use +/- as above]

A++ : I'm very convinced, very vocal. I am defined by disbelief
A+ : I'm convinced and and active but it's not everything to me.
A : I don't believe, but I don't really think about it too much.
A- : I don't believe but I'm still pretty uncomfortable with disbelief

a+ : I really don't think you can know either way. Also, there might be a tea pot out there. Who can know for sure?
a : The word atheist make people uncomfortable and we don't want anyone to be uncomfortable.

and so on:

B : Buddhist
H : Hindu
I : Islam
M : Mormon
7 : SeventhDay
W : Jehovah's Witness
J : Jew

Religions I find tolerable:


A tuple of religion codes from the religion path section. The tuple
may be the empty set, e.g. TR().

Holy Books read:

r({B|K|BoM}%XX[, ...]) # one or more holy books you've read and how much

B : Bible
K : Koran
BoM : Book of Mormon

eg. r(B%20,K%10)

Religious instruction: How much religious instruction have you received
in your life?


pX : years of primary school
sY : years of secondary school
uZ : years of university

Exposure: How many people know you are a non-believer?

ex(XYZ(x)[, ...])

Fam - Family
Wk - Co-workers
Fr - Friends

values can range from 0.0 (no one knows) to 1.0 (everyone knows)

e.g. ex(Fam(.54),Wk(.5),Fr(1.0))

Religious affiliation of significant other:


Where X is one of the religion codes from above

Fanboy (or girl): What non-believers inspire you? And how much?


Currently available non-believer codes:

RD : Richard Dawkins
SH : Sam Harris
DD : Daniel Dennett
SB : Susan Blackmore
BF : Brian Flemming
RC : Richard Carrier
MS : Michael Shermer
JS : Julia Sweeney

You may include as many as you want to. You may also add a "+" (e.g. DD+) to show special approval of or "-" if you don't really like them (opposite of fanboy appreciation)

Getting the message out:

What do you do to share the news and/or stir up conversation?


Blg : blogging
Auth : writing books
D2D : door to door evangelization

Development of the godless code:

GCD : godless code deity - they who develop the code and/or have
suggestions incorporated

optional "+" if it was your idea in the first place. :)

Version: As the code evolves need to know what version to use for decoding.

[gc-0.1] = Use version 0.1 for decoding this

This coding system is new so if you have suggestions for additions,
clarifications, etc please let me know and I'll try to address for

Inspired by The Geek Code




Blogger nullifidian said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thu Feb 08, 07:53:00 AM  
Blogger nullifidian said...

Cor, I haven't done one of these in donkey's! :-)

A->(11)A+->(24)A++ : TR(B,T,FSM) : r(B%100,K%40) : RI(p0,s0,u0): ex(Fam(1.0),Wk(0.5),Fr(1.0) : SO(A) : FB(RD,DD,MS,SH,PJ+,JR+,CS++,RI++) : M(blg) : [gc-0.1]

I've presumed to use:

CS - Carl Sagan
JR - James Randi
RI - Robert Green Ingersoll
PJ - Penn Jillette

(Oops, fixed a mistake!)

Thu Feb 08, 07:58:00 AM  
Blogger evtujo said...

Good suggestions for further "fanboy" entries. I'll incorporate them into version 0.2.

Thu Feb 08, 10:44:00 PM  
Blogger Cats Owner said...

Someone will have to get around to making a Godless Code generator...I'm a little busy at the moment or else I'd work on it tonight.

Sat Feb 10, 05:28:00 PM  
Blogger evtujo said...

I'm glad to see I've made an impact with my primary target audience: cat lovers. :)

Sat Feb 10, 09:29:00 PM  
Blogger Cats Owner said...

For SO(X) could it maybe be SO() if someone is single? And if someone has more then 1 SO (polyamorous) it could have multiple letters SO(A,B,W).

For exposure couldn't it be ex(Fam(x), Wk(x), Fr(x)|ALL)
If ALL is used it would negate the other options. This would be the case for someone like Richard Dawkins. I suppose anyone who is a very 'out' atheist could say that everyone who wants to know knows and the ALL applies.

How about MS for memberships...

MS (o,l,n,i)

-o Online atheist related groups.

-l A member of a local atheist group

-n A member of a national atheist group

-i A member of an international atheist group

a plus can be used for additional groups up to 2...a single * can be used to denote that the person is active in the leadership of the group(board member, webmaster, etc.)

An example...

MS (o++,l+*,i*)

For member of at least 3 online groups, at 2 local groups and is in the leadership of at least one of them, and is a leadership member of an international organization.

I found a list of religion codes and added a few extra to come up with this list of 3 letter codes that could be used... Maybe all the Protestant ones could be P and Catholic C, just to make it a little more compact.

ADV Adventist
ALL Alliance Church
AMI Amish
ANI Animist
ASA Ásatrú
AOG Assembly Of God
BAH Baha'i
BAP Baptist
BUD Buddhist
CAT Catholic
CHR Christian
CMA Christian Mission Alliance
COC Church Of Christ
COG Church Of God
CON Congregational
CSC Christian Science
DCD Christian Disciples Of Christ
DST Diest
EPI Episcopalian
FRE Free Church/Independent
GRE Greek Orthodox
HIN Hindu
ISL Islam
JAN Jainism
JEH Jehovah's Witness
JEW Jewish
LUT Lutheran
MEN Mennonite
MET Methodist
MOM Mormon (Latter-Day Saint)
NAR Native American Religion
NON Non Denominational
PEN Pentecostal
PRE Presbyterian
PRO Protestant
QUA Quaker
SAT Satanist
SCI Scientology
SHA Shamanism
SHI Shinto
SIK Sikhism
SPI Spiritualist
TAO Taoism
UCC United Church Of Christ
UNI Unitarian
WIC Wicca/Druidry

Sun Feb 11, 02:04:00 AM  
Blogger evtujo said...

Nice ideas, cat owner. I'll try to get your ideas and nullifidian's stuff merged in for a 0.2 release sometime this week.

Sun Feb 11, 08:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Jack Delmoso said...

/r/ Religion codes IPU for Invisible Pink Unicorn and CG for Church of Google.
Also, how about an attribute for years as a nonbeliever?

Sat Aug 25, 08:49:00 PM  

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