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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hebrew Cosmology

I remember when reading Genesis as a believer I had trouble understanding what exactly a "firmament" was. And what about the waters that were above and below it? I had a chance to reflect on this confusion again while reading this article: tsr/1990/1/1flat90.html. Unfortunately none of the original figures seem to be available but I was able to track down some that I'm pretty sure are the same or similar: ThreeTieredUniverse.htm.

What's wonderful about these pictures is how it makes so much sense out of formerly confusing verses. When you understand the Hebrew's cosmology you can actually understand what they were talking about. Of course you have to wonder how divinely inspired they really were if the inspirer didn't know anything about how the universe was actually structured, but well, I guess our puny minds just can't comprehend these things.

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