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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Toxic Theology - you may already be a winner!

There is a vanishingly small probability that we are *not* already in heaven or hell. In other words, welcome to the afterlife.

Why?, you ask. If we start with the presumption that the afterlife goes on for eternity and there is a short pre-afterlife phase (called living), if you were to randomly sample along this time line then you would *always* hit the afterlife part of the continuum. Therefore the odds are highly in favor of the thesis that this *is* the after life. So why does it seem like we are alive and in the "living" phase? Either we are alive (astronomically unlikely) or heaven/hell is simply a simulation of living on earth.

We leave as an exercise to the reader why god would make an "afterlife" that appeared for all intents and purposes to be "life".

This theological musing was borrowed from:

I've long held that Keanu would make a most excellent lord and savior.



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