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Friday, September 14, 2007

The vas deferens between Catholics and sane people.

Recently, my wife was chatting with a women in the park as our two kids and her 4 kids were playing together. It turns out that she had learned with her last birth that for a reason she didn't disclose the doctor told her that having more children would be life threatening. As a good catholic she and her husband consulted with their priest. Now of course using condoms is right out, but he agreed that she could get her tubes tied, but that it would be a sin for the husband to get snipped.

This is stupid on several levels.

First of all if you are going to your priest for medical advice you are probably not bright enough to care for yourself and should be made a ward of the state.

Secondly, for those of you who haven't had to think about these things or who aren't aware of the biological significance of this difference, let's just say that the cost difference is an order of a magnitude cheaper for the dude to get snipped. Not to mention that it's a vastly safer out patient procedure for the man.

Any way, to paraphrase Kathy Griffin, Catholic's can suck it.

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Anonymous robison said...

The priest, in vetoing snippage in favor of tying tubes, has gone from mere metaphysical delusion into the realm of practical stupidity.

Sat Sep 15, 06:55:00 PM  
Blogger evtujo said...

Of course the really fascinating part of this anecdote is that I've been waiting nearly a decade to use the vas deferens pun in a completely appropropriate and natural way. And it finally happend. Yeah!

But more importantly childless sexually repressed people should not be helping others make family planning decisions.

Sat Sep 15, 09:22:00 PM  

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