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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bible Study: Daniel Chapters 11

We go from the surreal to more specific and earthbound predictions all of a sudden. A series of events involving a number of kingdoms at various points of the compass are described with enough detail that it's hard to imagine the author didn't have something pretty specific in mind. No more of that goat bumps into a ram stuff. It would be interesting to take the whole thing verse by verse and re-enact the movements of the armies from north to south and various other activities.

At one point we are told of a ne'er-do-well who does not "desire of women". This stands out like a sore thumb because I'm familiar with the prediction that the anti-christ will be gay. So that means that we are getting into prophecies that haven't actually come to pass yet. Unless of course the anti-christ has already come and gone and we missed it. Of course it is not at all clear from reading Daniel in isolation that this is the anti-christ. It will be interesting to see how people justify Daniel being associated with Revelations.


- Why are some prophecies mundane and specific whereas others are over the top symbolical?
- Even though it is much more specific and less symbolic, it's maddeningly vague. It's sort of like when you try to tell someone your dream just as it's fading from your memory. You have all sorts of stuff to say about it but everything is very general and there is very little plot.

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