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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thoughts on missionaries

So I have this strange habit of listening to Christian news and talk radio. Glutton for punishment I suppose. Any way on my drive home today I heard a short article about funds being given to forward the cause of evangelism in Malawi (Central Africa) specifically on a couple of islands off the coast of Cape MacClear. The announcer proudly beamed that this would help with "preaching the gospel where it is seldom heard...".

I almost drove off the road laughing at this point. And the funny thing is I don't even have any scornful words for this guy. He did mispronounce the national language (Chichewa) and the name of the islands, but I can't fault him for a seemingly reasonable belief that deepest darkest Africa has yet to be exposed to missionaries. This is hilariously untrue. I can say from personal experience that if there is anywhere on the globe that missionary work has been almost 100% effective, it's Malawi. Unequivocal success as a matter of fact. Any day now they will be sending missionaries over here. Seriously, I've literally been around the world and I've never seen any where with a higher percentage of BAs (born agains - their term for themselves).

So please send food, teachers and medicine but keep the missionaries for those who need them. I hear Richard Dawkins needs saving. I could probably use a refresher myself.



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