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Sunday, January 14, 2007

And my newly adopted religion is ...

For 2007 I've decided I need a religion to try out for the year. But the whole "is there actually a god" thing is proving to be a real stumbling block for me. So I've decided to be religious about something that I can really throw my whole heart into. Something that at worst will have no negative effects and will likely have positive effects on my life. So my new religion is GTD.

How can a personal productivity and organization system be a religion?

- it has a charismatic messiah/prophet in the form of David Allen
- it has a holy text (Getting Things Done)
- people make all sorts of claims how it has transformed their lives
- it requires adherence to some basic principles. Some of these principles
seem too easy to work, and some seem just weird or too hard. (How's
that for a concise overview of religious practice!)
- it has a notion of sin (not following the system) repentance (returning to the system) and a long term victory over evil (clutter, unfinished todos)
- it promotes introspection (weekly review, outlining of life goals)
- people become evangelical about it

The one thing that it's missing is some sort of just crazy nonsensical belief. So I'm just going to append a belief so that I throw some faith into the mix. If I implement this system correctly and with my whole heart and being then I will have a huge financial windfall. (The amount, and scheduling of this windfall are at the discretion of the powers that be).

All hail GTD, glory to it's name and its prophet David Allen.




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