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Friday, February 09, 2007

Movies: Jesus Camp

This finally got to the top of our netflix list. I'd love to do the outraged response thing but this has already been done. Watching the movie now I'm sure the impact is different than when it was released, knowing that the camp has closed and that Haggard has been outed as gay and removed from his ministry. While I think the abuse they are heaping on these kids is really atrocious, they *are* doing it out of love, as sad as that might be. And in both of these cases these people are going to have their whole world come crashing down. So, while I think all these people deserve a good boot to the head I actually found myself feeling a bit sorry for them as well.

If anything I wanted to have a conversation with the "moderate" Christian radio host. You really think your beliefs make more sense than than these evangelical nut cases? Really? How do you decide which parts of the Bible to ignore? Dude, you still believe in an imaginary friend....

This is probably why I have never produced an award winning documentary.

One other thought struck me. While I was raised to believe the Bible is 100% true and has all the answers, I didn't really know what it meant to be a hard core believer before watching these kids. I don't envy them the process of trying to get their heads screwed on right, if they ever get the chance.




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