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Friday, June 01, 2007

Adventures in Enlightenment: Hunger

After the disappointment that was gratefulness we turn to an old school enlightenment technique: hunger.

Truth be told if I didn't have to hold a job and be a productive member of my family, I think I would like to try some good old fashioned fasting just to see what that is like. But as it is, I'm skeptical traditional fasting would go over so well with my employer, let alone my wife. The kids probably would find it pretty funny, no doubt.

From the purely pragmatic side hunger is interesting for several reasons. Apparently being hungry makes you smarter. In addition, restricting your calories makes you live longer. As it happens I both want to be smarter and live longer, so, yeah for that.

But honestly what I think this really comes down to, as will all the actually beneficial enlightenment experiments, is discipline.

I'll probably work out the rules as I go, but to start my idea is to experience genuine hunger at least once a day for some period of time. I don't need to restrict my diet in any special way, I just need to eat a little less at meal time and skip some snacks. But at least once a day I have to be hungry without being light headed or seriously uncomfortable. Just be hungry and let myself be hungry for awhile.

Anyway, I am hungry for enlightenment. Damn, all this blogging is making me hungry. I could really use a snack about now...

(If hunger were thirst and I was a dinosaur, then this might be relevant.)




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