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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Adventures in Enlightenment: Hunger (thoughts)

I just noticed that my site is the number one entry on google for "adventures in enlightenment". There is probably a way to make a million dollars off of that, but I'm too lazy. Of course I used to also have the top entry for toxic flatulence and where did that get me? Looking down the page on google for "adventures in enlightenment" is this strangely apropos youtube video.

I have high hopes for this hunger project. I don't have an eating disorder or anything and I don't think I'm over weight (but I'm certainly not skinny), but I *do* like food way too much, so this will be quite a challenge. Especially after watching that video. I *really* have an unwholesome love for chocolate.

I've heard that dieting is in many ways more difficult than breaking an addiction to drugs since with drugs you can go cold turkey and be physically separated from the addictive substance. With food you have to continue to face the beast everyday.

If you were wondering, I'm pretty hungry right now, but it's not too bad... And look at how enlightened I am already.

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