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Monday, June 11, 2007


So this is truly off topic, but it cracks me up, so here it is anyway.

We were visiting some friends this weekend who have 3 children 4 and under. They were telling us how they sometimes let the kids pick a theme and then they try to find some videos on the interweb for them to watch on this theme. Now as chance would have it a few weeks ago the theme was unicorns and they came across the video below. Now usually they watch the video with the kids but for this particular one the phone happened to ring just as it started. So they walked away for a second. Lets just say they were kind of surprised when they came back and heard the chorus (audio is NSFW is your boss and co-workers are totally lame):

And speaking of unicorns, here is the best unicorn appearance in a comic hands down.




Blogger Cat's Staff said...

That's just stupid....we all know unicorns are white.

Tue Jun 12, 10:39:00 AM  
Blogger evtujo said...

No, no, no. They are pink and invisible. But more importantly when will we all learn to see past a unicorns skin color....

Wed Jun 13, 05:33:00 AM  

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