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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Who are your must read authors?

I learned recently that Steven Pinker has a new book coming out soon. And immediately it passed through my mind that without any doubt I will buy that book the moment it is available and find time to read it. As I pondered how sure I was of this fact I tried to compile a list of authors in my head for which it is a certainty that if they publish a book I will buy it and read it and think it's awesome without exception.

I was actually surprised to find that I only came up with 2 authors for my list: Steven Pinker and Daniel Dennett. Now there are of course a brazillion other authors who I love to read and if I had more time I would read more of them, but for some reason these two are non-negotiable. I must consume all of their content as soon as it is available.

Who are your must read authors?



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