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Friday, December 28, 2007

A verse a day keeps the hellfire away...

"When you begin to ask yourself questions you will hear God speaking to you"

As you may have discerned by now I have an unhealthy fascination with Christian radio. On a recent program they were talking about the book "He Speaks to Me" (starts around 1h20m). Among other things they discussed the wonderful efficacy of reading a random verse a day and trying to apply it to your life. Now they suggested that you start with John, but that's not very random. Hence the program I posted yesterday.

Now I'm all about giving God a chance to talk to me. Unlike some religious skeptics I actually have no problem with a universe with a god in it. I just don't happen to think that this is such a place. But if it was I'd rather know. Just for the truthiness if not the eternal life (or at least avoidance of eternal torment).

So on the advice of the above program I will endeavor to occasionally (let's say weekly for now), take one verse completely at random (or by God's influence?) and do the following:

- discern the spiritual principle in this verse
- ask what was god trying to get across to these people when he spoke these words
- ask how does this apply to me

Also I vow not to cherry pick. I will take the very first one I find (ie I will just run the random verse picker once). If God has a message to get thru to me it should be easy enough to direct me to the important bits and show me things that relate to my life right now.

Tune into the next posting for the first episode of this feature.

PS: The random aspect of this experiment reminds of this interesting video series I saw awhile ago with Knuth talking about, among other things, his semi-random exploration of the Bible.

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