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Saturday, October 20, 2007

One small favor...

Dear Jesus,

Unfortunately all this prosperity you've given me (happy, healthy family, well paying, interesting work and the rest) is seriously interfering with my belief in you. In fact at this rate I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell. I mean, sure I pay my taxes, am generally honest and almost never stomp on kittens, but I know that I deserve eternal torment for not believing in you. Perhaps you could do me a solid. I've noticed that a lot of people get cancer or suffer some other horrible tragedy and then come to believe in you and have their faith strengthened. So what are you waiting for? Please sock it to me (and my family). You decide what it will take to get my faith in the right place and unleash with abandon.



PS. And make it nasty. I tend to be a slow learner.




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