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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Adventures in Enlightenment: Tai Chi (status report)

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I hate when something that appears so simple is too hard for me. Anyway I have not mastered Tai Chi in one month. Apparently some people spend their whole life perfecting it so perhaps I shouldn't have expected to master it in one month. Even if I *am* better than almost everyone else who has ever lived.

Any way I'm going to stick with this and see how far I can get. My goal it to be able to do the Yang Short Form from beginning to end. It doesn't have to be pretty or graceful or even entirely correct but it does have to be complete and at least in the ball park of correct. A halfway solid base to build upon if I should so choose. So I'll just keep working on this for at least another month. I guess sometimes enlightenment takes more than one month.




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