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Monday, October 30, 2006

Really spooky haunted house

It occurred to me recently that the Christians get to have all the fun with their hell houses and the like. It's time non-believers got to have some fun on Halloween. So I decided I would come up with the ultimate agnostic/atheist house of horrors.

Let's learn from the masters. In a hell house you will see a pageant of Christian propaganda: abortions, gays, persecuted believers, satanic rituals. These are the things that apparently keeps Christians up late at night. So what would be the scariest possible disbelief themed haunted house? The thing that would horrify me the most would be to learn that the Bible is literally true. That people killing abortion doctors really are doing the lords work. That god created the heavens and the earth and then via predestination choose which souls would be going to heaven and hell before a single person was placed on the earth. God really does hate fags and doesn't want women to speak in church.

So the scariest haunted house I can imagine is a simple well lit room containing a nondescript table with a large King Jame's bible on it with a sign next to it that says: "It's all true. Every word. Even the contradictory parts."

Gives me the shivers....




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