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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Infidel Links - 2007-01-21

Hilarity, thy name is Mr Deity:

Metaphors in the Bible:

Apparently, women *aren't* property (who knew?):

Intelligent Design zoo:

Steven Weinberg is the man!,,25349-2552017.html

we have the fossils:

This guy wins the preaching to the choir award every time. But he still cracks me up.

The best way to get theology is from dinosaurs. But a close second is from legos:

WWJP (what would Jesus poop)

The joy of "X":

With a catchy tune like this how can you not believe....?,521,n,n

skeptical suckers! (oops)

Be a monster, you know you wanna!

God, Inc.,549,n,n

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