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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Church of Awesome

So I have a number or religion projects I've been developing for a while. I both create new religions from scratch and update old tired ones (you're gonna love Christianity 2.0). Today's offering is one of my "from scratch" creations. I am still playing around with a suitable name, but currently it's going by the name of The Church of Awesome, but some other potential names I am kicking around include: Awesome-ism, The Church of Awesome (Latter Day Awesome-ists), The Church of Awesome-ology, and the Seventh Day Awesome-ists.

In any case it works like this: whatever you are doing, any time, any where, just ask yourself: "What could I do right now to most personify Awesome-ness?". Whatever the answer is, do it! Lather, rinse, repeat. Awesome-ness awaits you.

Pretty straight forward, but I've tried to anticipate a few questions:

Q: Is this just hedonism?
A: No, because that is not true awesomeness. When you are in tune with awesomeness, you will know it. The awesomeness that is not awesome is not the true awesomeness.

Q: Is awesome just being used as some lame substitute for Tao?
A: Is the Tao awesome? If yes, then yes. If no, then no.

Q: I want to be awesome but I'll be killed if I leave my current religion (really)!
A: That's *not* awesome. Fortunately Awesomeness is like an Emacs minor mode and is fully functional by itself or in conjunction with other religions. For instance if you are a Christian then just ask your self: "What would Jesus do to be awesome?".

Q: How does one address another member of the Church of Awesome?
A: Dude! The longer the "u" sound the better. But let the vowel be held for only an awesome length of time and no longer!

Be awesome one to another!

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