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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The End of Faith

I've owned the End of Faith for quite a while but I figured since I have limited time and I've seen most of Sam's online debates and read most of his online essays that there wasn't much point in reading this book. Life is too short to sit in the choir and be preached to. Well I recently discovered the time saving world of audio books and I decided to listen to the book while I did dishes and other puttering.

HOLY CRAP is this book good. This man can write. Not only are his examples and logical flow crisp and tight, he really has a way with words. I wish I *had* been reading the book so I could have underlined choice turns of phrase.

But I do know that I will be reading (or listening) to this book again. I get a little nervous in my old age when I can't find *any* logical flaw in an argument or I agree completely on every page. It's always possible that he is simply a very smart and persuasive man with whom I should agree on every point. Or maybe I'm just easily led to any conclusion. In any case it will be enjoyable to review this book in the near future and see how it survives a more skeptical pass. Anyway, 2 enthusiastic horns of Satan up for this book.

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